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NICE SUPPLEMENT CO Berberine HCl - 90 Caps

High-dose berberine for insulin management

90 Capsules per bottle, 1 - 2 capsules per serve. Every capsule includes:

  • Berberine HCl 85% (500mg)

Berberine is a natural alkaloid derived from many plants, in our case using the bark of Phellodendron. Berberine is a compound with an abundance of modern research within human populations and support for its efficacy and safety, use in China has been found to date back as far as 3000BC.

Berberine is popular for:

  • IGF1 modulation;
  • supporting insulin sensitivity & glucose management;
  • supporting cholesterol LDL and HDL for cardiovascular health; 


As a dietary supplement, take ONE to TWO capsules 10 MINUTES before a carbohydrate containing meal. Do not exceed FOUR capsules daily.


If you're keen for some further reading on Berberine, below are a few research articles we frequently recommend as an introduction.