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NICE SUPPLEMENT CO Fadogia Agrestis (20:1)

20:1 extract of Fadogia Agrestis for potent Testosterone Support.

60 Capsules per bottle, 1 capsule per serve (60 servings). Every serve includes:

  • Fadogia Agrestis 20:1 Stem Extract (500mg)
Fadogia Agrestis is used to:
  • Support Luteinising Hormone release;
  • Support Testosterone and other androgen production;
  • Support Libido;
  • Support Muscular development;
  • Antioxidant donor;

For optimal function take with a source of fats. 
NOTE: Always start with just ONE capsule daily (with food) to assess tolerance with the gut, !! some individuals do find noticeable gut distress or laxative effects !!. 

Some Fadogia Agrestis users report have noticeable libido effects on first day of use, however expected development is gradual over the course of the first week of use.
Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

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