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May 01, 2024 1 min read

The idea of "Food First" in sports nutrition is solid, but sticking solely to food might not always be the best move for your optimal training performance.

Here are 6 reasons why "Food Only" might not cut it.

1. Adequacy

Certain nutrients can be tough to get sufficiently from diet alone. Sometimes, getting enough of one might mean taking in too much of something else, like calories or other nutrients.

2. Availability

Some nutrients are abundant only in foods you don't eat or simply don't enjoy.

3. Disparity

The nutrient content of certain foods known for their performance-enhancing benefits can vary widely.

4. Concentration

In some cases, concentrated doses of specific nutrients are necessary to address deficiencies or support immune tolerance.

5. Convenience

Certain foods might be challenging to consume right before, during, or immediately after exercise.

6. Hygiene / Contamination

When there are worries about food hygiene or contamination, tested supplements could step in to provide a reliable alternative.


That's why integrating sports supplements into your training strategy can be a favourable move. As a consequence, let's embrace the idea of "food first, but not always food only."

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